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Man has always been attracted to mysticism and the supernatural. There is a place around which there are dark stories and legends. People seem somehow were fascinated with the subject of death and would appear that you need to do is assign produkcjom originally from Hollywood cinemas, however, supernatural events have been described several centuries ago.

Dom w Monte Cristo, Australia.
House in Monte Cristo, Australia.

1. The House Of Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

Given the number of tragic and violent deaths that took place here, not surprisingly, is perceived as the most haunted location in Australia. In the building a few people have died sudden deaths, other accidental deaths, murders. According to witnesses, this has led to high paranormal activity throughout the village.

Zamek Dobrej Nadzieji, Południowa Afryka.
The Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa.

2. The Castle Of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Active since the beginning of the XX century. Since that time, the application of the local population, as in particular person that walks in the defensive walls and the dog that jumps at passers-by. The most interesting story connected with the spirit of women, as seen running through the building and cried. It ceased to be widywana when excavations have discovered in the land of the female body.

Tower of London, Anglia.
Tower of London, England.

3. London Tower (The Tower of London), London, England

Born in 1078 the castle (Royal Palace) had plenty of time to collect famous supernatural legends and history. Famous ghosts who were here Pets include: the headless Ghost of Anne Boleyn, the character of Lady Jane grey and the two princes. It is believed that the latter killed his uncle Richard III in 1483.

Zajezdnia „Pod Starożytnym Baranem”, Anglia
Rue "Under The Ancient RAM", England

4. Rue "Under The Ancient RAM", Gloucestershire, England

What could be more frightening than the prospect of victims of satanic and demonic spirits? In this XII-th century, there were many. Its last owner even showed that in the first held in this building night something plucked it out of bed and dragged across the room.

5. Hotel Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada

This is important, zabytkwy the hotel is home to several different spirits. Regularly meets here the spirit of the porter who helps people to convey their Luggage to the room. Other guests saw the bride dancing in the ballroom, and even other spirits of the murdered family here.

This lovely, starting from the XI century, the castle was the place strasliwego double murder, and, as a consequence, it can be found here the spirit of the "Women in green". Wanders the castle in green robes, and her face rotten, putrid hood. Sometimes you can hear moaning in the hallways of the castle.

Wyspa lalek, Meksyk.
The island of dolls, Mexico.

7. Island of the dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico

In the fifties this niezamieszkaną island moved the man to be alone. I was quickly convinced that she was haunted by the spirit of a little girl who drowned here decades earlier. During attempts to please her, he brought with him a huge amount of dolls, hanging them on trees. After some time he felt that the girl was not satisfied and she wants the man became a spirit like her. The same day he confessed, it's all relative, after which his body was found, drowned in the same place that girl. Since sometimes there is a Ghost on the island, and is still hanging dolls seem to whisper stories from the past.

8. Sallie House, Atchison, Kansas, United States

Named in honor of the girl Sallie, which nawiedzała this house. It is also much more sinister Ghost of a woman who so much hated owner of the house, together with his family, in the end, brought out of fear for their lives.

Zamek w Edynburgu, Szkocja
Edinburgh castle, Scotland

9. Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Given that the castle stands on a place where human activity began in the iron age, it is not surprising that he amassed in a few supernatural residents. Oftentimes, revelations include the old servants of the castle, the drummer boy (without head) and a man who apparently zginęł in the tunnels of the castle.

10. Akershus Castle, Oslo, Norway

Built as a strategic fortress and was used as a prison and the home of the Nazi executions, the Akershus castle is a hotbed of supernatural cases. The most famous phenomenon that haunted the building and the surrounding possession is włóćząc woman in robes and a demonic dog Malcanisen, which apparently was the cause of traumatic death of a Norwegian who saw it.

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